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Mobile platforms

  • Android phones
  • iPhone and iPad (iOS devices)
  • Windows Phone devices
  • BlackBerry Phones
  • Nokia Symbian and MeeGo phones

Web and system development

  • Front-end: HTML5, JavaScript, graphical & interaction design
  • Back-end: PHP, Python, C/C++
  • Web servers: Apache (mainly), others if needed
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Websites optimized for mobile devices

Elisa started working with Mooncascade in 2013. Mooncascade has proven to be able to think along with Elisa and we have introduced a number of new innovative solutions together. Our cooperation has been smooth and I appreciate Mooncascade for being a capable partner that meets all the goals that we have set together. We see Mooncascade as a professional partner that can be recommended to others who appreciate efficiency, flexibility and high quality.

Toomas Polli Toomas PolliCIO, Member of the Board, Elisa, Estonia

Considering the complexity of our business logic, getting our mobile presence implemented hasn't been an easy task, but Mooncascade has done a good job achieving it. It is clear, that they are a team of experienced and professional developers, and we are glad to continue the partnership with them.

Taavet Hinrikus Taavet HinrikusCo-founder, TransferWise, UK

Mooncascade has proven to be a very reliable partner along all operating systems. We are thankful for our key partner's professional, flexible and constructive collaboration. At any point in time we found the support at arms length to fit to our demands and to deliver in time. We are very satisfied and look forward to a continuing relationship.

Urs Fischer Urs FischerCEO, parku, Germany

To be adaptive in the market we need to be agile and that is why we occasionally use 3rd party development resources to prototype and pilot new products. Mooncascade tops others as they are not just doing what told, but they often give their valuable input. The work has always been quick and bug fee.

Martin Koppel Martin KoppelCo-founder, Fortumo, USA AG is very happy to work together with Mooncascade - a very fast, extremely precise and yet uncomplicated company, offering good work for reasonable prices. We are very happy to employ Mooncascade for our future developments Thank you for your great work!

Werner Blessing Werner BlessingCEO, AG, Switzerland

I am happy for the hard work and heroic coding performed by Mooncascade. I like their honest and responsible style of co-operation. We have built up a good mutual trust and I am looking forward to our future projects.

Jussi Ruusila Jussi RuusilaCreative Director, Mobile Backstage, Finland

The design and production of high-tech video equipment can be a rather tricky and unpredictable process. Mooncascade is one of those partners who came to our aid in a tense situation and stood firm to fulfill their part. They created a software simulation critical at that point for us.

Tõnis Liivamägi Tõnis LiivamägiCEO, Kinotehnik, Estonia

Mooncascade developed a web solution for us that paid off already within one month after the deployment. Our co-operation has been great and it continues in full swing.

Mart Erik Mart ErikFounder,, Estonia

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TransferWise – send Money abroad without the burden of bank fees

TransferWise is a tool to exchange currency and make foreign payments with order-of-magnitude less expenses than by traditional banking means.

Mooncascade is the mobile applications development partner of TransferWise. iOS application is available in the app store, and the first version of the Android application is in making.

Competencies involved: Android Java, iPhone Xcode

Visit project website →

Available on the App Store


Indrek is the young UI-Star of the team. He creates designs and implements them. There is hardly anybody who can implement a web user interface faster than him and to have an artistic eye for it at the same time. He can dive into a disastrous UI code and come out as a winner, having turned the mess into an effectively functioning fast code. He can make any boring UI look sexy and modern. Furthermore, while being a superb UI coder, he's no less of a coder in the back-end of server systems.

Asko, the former head of Skype for Mobile engineering team, has been in software development business for 20 years. His talents vary from coding and hacking to high quality software development process management for teams of various sizes. While Asko has led teams under highly controlled development processes, he has also worked with hacker teams, which are more agile than XP or Scrum can ever enable.

Priit, the former Developer Relations Manager for Baltic countries and Mobile Engineer at Playtech, is well known in Estonia as a startup activist and a poet. In our team he is an analyst and an experienced software engineer. Priit is quite an extraordinary programmer having great communication skills while also possessing more than 10 years of experience in software development. He is an indispensable idea generator, problem solver, and the motivator for the team. His motto is: "There is nothing impossible in software engineering, just give us enough resources and time!"

The quiet bohemian type, former Skype for Mobile developer and Project Manager, does his remarkable coding mostly in high-performance languages like C or C++. His mother breastfed him Assembler, but he says that Asm is not his favorite programming language already for a long time. Lately he has been coding C++ for Symbian, Objective C for iPhone, and he has also done extensive work as a web developer. One of Ahti’s outstanding qualities is that he can keep calm and code under extreme pressure even when all project managers have lost their heads. He has a bulletproof stress-resistance and probably needs the least sleep when compared to the rest of the team.

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